The Chase Unleashed

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An 8-week journey to unleash your inner athlete with Christian Dyer. As a professional rugby player and leader of the Houston Sabercats, Dyer developed an extensive training guide through his personal experience with fitness.

Through The Chase Unleashed, Dyer offers a blueprint for achieving peak performance, whether you're an aspiring athlete or aiming to enhance your fitness level. This program isn't just about building muscle; it's about cultivating functional strength, size, mobility, and power, all while emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition and recovery.

Dyer's inclusive approach ensures that anyone can benefit from this program, regardless of their fitness background. Drawing from his own journey as a professional athlete, Dyer provides invaluable insights and techniques to help you reach your goals both on and off the field. Each session is designed to push your limits and maximize results, whether you're striving for increased muscle mass or overall functional fitness. 

Recognizing the critical role of recovery in any training regimen, Dyer also outlines a comprehensive recovery plan, emphasizing the importance of sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition. His nutrition guidelines provide practical advice on incorporating proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into your diet, with an emphasis on whole, organic foods.

From the gym to the kitchen, The Chase Unleashed sets you up with the tools and knowledge you need to unlock your full potential. So whether you're chasing victory on the field or striving for personal excellence in your daily life, let Christian Dyer be your guide on the journey to greatness.

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The Chase Unleashed

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